Review Requests

Greetings, authors!

First, let me thank you for writing! I’m sure it’s been a long road up to this point. You’re the real rockstars.

Before requesting that I read your book for review, please take a quick look around my blog to get a feel for my review style. If you’ve already had a peek and you feel that Vicarious Bookworm is the right place for your book, thank you for considering me. I’m honored!

Most of the books I read are Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dystopian, Historical Fiction, Young Adult or any combination of these. I will venture into general Adult Fiction and Middle Grade Fiction from time to time, depending upon the book.

I will happily read and review your book regardless of whether you are self-publishing or working with a publishing house. While I prefer to hold a physical book while reading, I understand the economical value of e-books and will accept either form for review. I will expect to be allowed to keep the book in whichever form after reviewing it.

If you would like for me to review your book, please complete and submit the following form. I will review your request and respond as quickly as is possible.

Note: If you are self-publishing or don’t yet have a publisher, leave the “Publishing House” field blank. If your book is not scheduled for publication yet, leave the “Publication Date” field blank.

Thank you again for considering me to review your book!