January Plans: What Will I Read?

What do I plan on reading for January 2018? Check out this post to find out!


You are a real reader if…

Hello, bookworms! I keep seeing things being said about how some people are real readers and some people aren’t. So, me being me, I thought I would clarify for everyone what a┬áreal reader is and how you can be one! You can choose from any of these options or even all of them! You really […]

A List of #ownvoices LGBT+ Books

You might have noticed I suck at titles. No matter! A couple weeks ago, I had a post on Twitter asking for any and all books y’all could think of that are ownvoices for the LGBT+ aspects. And WOW did y’all deliver! I had people responding, quote retweeting, and DMing me on both Twitter AND […]