Harry Potter Moment of the Week 2017 #17

Harry Potter Moment of the Week is a weekly meme that is hosted by the wonderful Lunar Rainbows!

I know a few of you have asked me to go ahead and write the post about how I got into Harry Potter and why I still love it. There’s a free week coming up in May, so I’ll use this blog meme to tell that story since it’s already Harry Potterish!

What other settings/world would Harry Potter characters do well in? (Like who would win the Hunger Games, who would do well in the Mines of Moria, who would be a good addition to the Avengers, etc.)

I’m going to break this one down by setting/world so that I can fit a few characters into each. I’m going to leave off settings and worlds in books I haven’t read.

The Hunger Games – I think the most likely to win the Hunger Games would have to be Ginny. She’s badass and fearless so I could see her being able to survive and not being afraid to kill the other people in order to do so.

Avengers – I would love to see Hermione and Harry in the Avengers. Harry for his strength of character and determination. Hermione because every time someone says something inaccurate or offensive, I could see her saying, “Well, actually…” and then giving a full textbook explanation of why they’re wrong. While this could be considered “femmesplaining,” we all know Hermione would be correct.

Ketterdam – Is it just me or would Fred and George be absolutely hilarious if they were dropped into Leigh Bardugo’s Ketterdam? I could see them pulling pranks on EVERYONE. It. Would. Be. EPIC!

Westeros – Let’s be real… the only one of the Harry Potter characters who could survive in George R. R. Martin’s Westeros is Ron. He’s great at hiding but also is a loyal friend. I could see him doing well on the King’s Council….so long as he didn’t oppose the Lannisters too openly.

Wonderland – Luna and Neville would be perfect here! With the array of fantastic characters and species of animals, both of them would fit in wonderfully.

What other settings/world would Harry Potter characters do well in?


14 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week 2017 #17

  1. Ok so I LOVE how you sorted these^^ Ginny in the Hunger Games would be incredible ♥ I can totally see Hermione correcting the Avengers (or anyone, anytime) and I’d enjoy it LOL! Luna would fit in perfectly in Wonderland but you’re right that Neville would too ♥ And Ron in Westeros would be wicked interesting!!

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