​Harry Potter Moment of the Week 2017 #11

Harry Potter Moment of the Week is a weekly meme that is hosted by the wonderful Lunar Rainbows!

Which cast member do you think was a perfect fit for their character?

I mean so many of the cast members fit their character so well, so this is a tough one to answer. In the end, when it comes to perfection, I have to go with Dame Maggie Smith as Minerva McGonagall. She’s authoritative but fun and she really digs into every role she plays. For me, she IS Professor McGonagall.


12 thoughts on “​Harry Potter Moment of the Week 2017 #11

  1. You’re 100% right of course, Maggie Smith IS THE perfect McGonagall ♥ I adored McGonagall in the books and only Miss Smith could have ever done her justice the way she did!! It’s true though, so many of the actors cast are perfect for their characters! As much as we can all nitpick about our issues with book to film adaptations, we were incredibly lucky when it comes to the Harry Potter franchise, all things considered.

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  2. I was unfamiliar with her before this series, but now she is an absolute favorite of mine. She does an incredible job with the character and I chose her as one of mine as well. I agree that she became McGonagall for me completely. Since McGonagall is my favorite teacher in the series, I was so happy with the actress they chose to portray her.

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    • I had seen her before, though I don’t remember what. She REALLY brought McGonagall to life! We’re kind of spoiled when it comes to the cast of our book to movie adaptation because we got quite a few great ones! Hope you had a great weekend! 🤓


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