​The Book Blogger Hop 2017 #10

The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly Hop that is hosted by Billy @ Ramblings Of A Coffee Addicted Writer. Weekly prompts are given in the form of Blogger submitted (G-rated) questions.

This week’s question is: How far in advance do you read the books you have scheduled for review?

That depends on the book and why I’m reviewing it. If I’m reviewing it just because I decided to read it, I might post it on the next open day or I might save it for later. If I’m reading an ARC, I’ll either post it on the next open day or a day closer to when it’ll be published. If I’m reading for a blog tour, I try to read the book and write the review as soon as it’s sent to me because if I can’t rate it at least a 3, it’s counterproductive to the publicity tour and I want to have time to get with the tour manager about something else I could post about it (like an exerpt). Basically, there is no obvious method to the madness. Reviews just happen, unless it’s a tour and specific scheduling is necessary.


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