Joining the Diverse Reads Challenge 2017

Mishma is one of my favorite bloggers so when I saw that she’s co-hosting a challenge I had to at least look at it more closely. When I found out it’s a diverse reads challenge, I had to join it. If you’re curious about it or would like to join the challenge too, check out the sign up page.

I also love that there’s a mini challenge to read specific types of books each month. Definitely head over and give it a look!

I’m still sort of focusing on the #DAReadAThon right now so I haven’t gotten my full TBR together for this challenge, but I have started a Goodreads shelf and I’ll keep that updated with the books I’m reading for this challenge. 

What challenges are you taking part in this year?

9 thoughts on “Joining the Diverse Reads Challenge 2017

  1. I’m also joining this challenge! It looks so good, doesn’t it? 😀 I’m joining the 2017 Audiobook Challenge as well. Should definitely check it out. I did it last year and I really enjoyed it!

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  2. I participate in the Around the World group challenge on Goodreads and commit to half the books I read being by authors from around the world, which really means, not from the US/UK.

    Last year I read 55 books by authors from 26 countries, so I guess that could also be a kind of Diverse Reads Challenge as that’s my aim, literary voices from cultures other than those most familiar.

    I also join the August #WITMonth meaning I’ll be reading books by women authors in translation during August, I did this last year too.

    And #OneSummerChunkster which this year is going to be The Complete Claudine by Colette.

    My main challenge is to a book a week! Keeping it simple!

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    • Those all sound pretty awesome! I’m in the middle of the #DAReadAThon right now and while I’m enjoying the books and diversity, I wish I hadn’t signed up. I feel rushed in reading and writing the reviews so I’m not enjoying them as much as I could be :/ good luck with your challenges!

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      • I understand that, my challenges give me an enormous amount of freedom to change my mind, I’ve learned that over the years, how to participate without feeling overcommitted. I generally don’t nominate which books I’m going to read in advance, but my challenges fit with my general reading philosophy. Happy Reading!

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