Review: Twice Bitten by Chloe Neill 

Goodreads Synopsis:

Merit, Chicago’s newest vampire, is learning how to play well with others. Other supernaturals, that is. Shapeshifters from across the country are convening in the Windy City, and as a gesture of peace, Master Vampire Ethan Sullivan has offered their leader a very special bodyguard: Merit. Merit is supposed to protect the Alpha, Gabriel Keene—and to spy for the vamps while she’s at it. Oh, and luckily Ethan’s offering some steamy, one-on-one combat training sessions to help her prepare for the mission.

Merit must accept the assignment, even though she knows that she’ll probably regret it. And she’s not wrong. Someone is gunning for Gabriel Keene, and Merit soon finds herself in the line of fire. She’ll need all the help she can get to track down the would-be assassin, but everywhere she turns, there are rising tensions between supernaturals—not least between her and a certain green-eyed, centuries old master vampire.

My Review:

This story picks up right where we left off with Friday Night Bites. The world expands a little more with the development of Little Ukraine in Chicago but not so much as to require a lot of world building. I think that’s for the best because I feel like the storyline moved forward quite a bit in this book and any more world building might have taken away from that.

The characters continued to develop and grow in this novel. I’m especially impressed with the progression of Mallory and her training. I also like that we get to see more of Merit and what she can do than we have in the previous novels. The development of the characters, both old and new, is done relatively seamlessly with the story itself.

I feel like there’s a bit more depth in this book than I got to see in the last one. I loved the new direction the story went in to include the shifters. I really enjoyed reading this novel and can’t wait to get into the next!

Overall, I rate Twice Bitten 4 out of 5 bookworms.

Don’t just take my word for it. Order Twice Bitten, the third novel in the Chicagoland Vampires Series, from Amazon US or Amazon UK and enjoy it for yourself!

For more information about Chloe Neill and her work, visit her website.


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