Harry Potter Moment of the Week – 10 Nov 2016

Harry Potter Moment of the Week is a weekly meme created by Leah at Uncorked Thoughts and hosted by the wonderful Lunar Rainbows!

This week’s topic is: Favorite Common Room? Not necessarily where you’d be sorted or your favorite house but which one do you prefer in terms of decor and location?

In terms of decor, I have to say my favorite is the Gryffindor Common Room. (Sorry, Ravenclaw!) The Gryffindors are welcomed in by rich scarlet seating and a warm fire that always seems to be burning. For me, this is a very welcoming setting and I could see myself reading or studying or chatting with housemates for hours there. Obviously, I would consider adding a bookshelf but with such a marvelous library as Hogwarts has, I’m sure I would have no shortage of reading material.


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week – 10 Nov 2016

  1. While I did choose Ravenclaw as my absolute fav, I think the Gryffindor one comes awfully close. It just seems so cozy and I like that it’s also in one of the towers. I’d want to look out across the grounds before bed like Harry did sometimes. I think adding a bookshelf in there would make it awesome!

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  2. I mixed up our topics this week – because I listed them out of order in the topic list LOL XD I’ll do this topic next week! As a Gryffindor, I’ve always been partial to their Common Room. I especially like the view from way up there and all the nice warm fires. I’m less into the colour scheme which is probably why I’m also drawn to Ravenclaw 🙂 I like your argument about the bookcase/library too – I could survive without a bookcase in the Common Room with THAT library ♥

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    • I’ve always loved deep reds so the colors are great too but it always seems so warm and the view! Only a bookshelf could improve upon it. Perhaps us Ravenclaws will come take it over 😉 lol


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