Review: Dead and Buryd by Chele Cooke

Dead and Buryd is the first book of the Out of Orbit Series. The story is set on the planet Os-Veruth where, centuries ago, a comet was predicted to possibly destroy all life. Groups of people took air ships to look for other livable planets. One such group was the Adveni, who have recently returned to Os-Veruth to reclaim the planet from the Veniche, those who were left behind when the air ships fled. Being stronger and more technologically advanced, the Adveni have no trouble ruling over the Veniche once they arrive.

Trying to survive in the oppressive environment created when the Adveni returned to Os-Veruth, a 26 year old medic named Georgianna spreads herself thin trying to help as many people as possible while continuing to survive herself. She is one of the few medics willing to walk into Lyndbury Compound to treat those imprisoned by the Adveni. Once a Veniche is locked in the Lyndbury Compound, they are referred to as “buryd alive,” hence the book’s title. The majority of the substance to the story is in the second half, so I won’t touch on details, but the struggle of daily life among the Veniche is palpable throughout the book.

This was a bit of a slow read for me and took me a few days to finish. The story didn’t really pick up until around halfway through. The characters are interesting and believable but a bit flat. The most interesting part for me was the world itself and the conflict the story is based around. The concept of this book puts a new spin on an old plot. The second half of the story was very interesting and I had no trouble finishing it. Overall, I rate Dead and Buryd 2 out of 5 bookworms.

Don’t just take my word for it. Order Dead and Buryd from Amazon US or Amazon UK and enjoy it for yourself! At the time of this posting, the kindle version of this book is FREE!

For more information about Chele Cooke and her work, visit her website.

If you were in a similar situation and a friend asked you to do something like what Taye asks Georgianna to do, would you consider it? Let me know in the comments!

I received an advanced reader copy of this book from StoryCartel in exchange for this honest review.


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