Bookworm of the Month – July 2016

The Bookworm of the Month is a book read and reviewed on Vicarious Bookworm during the month of July 2016. This is the first month we’ve held a vote for the Bookworm of the Month! 

The book you selected for Bookworm of the Month is Nil On Fire by Lynne Matson!

In Nil On Fire, Skye has nightmares sent by Nil to stoke her fears and break her mind. After talking with her father Skye, Rives, Thad and Zane return to Nil to finish what Skye started. The story introduces new characters, including the consciousness of Nil. Nil On Fire brings together the story from the rest of the series in a climactic finale.

Check out my review of Nil On Fire by clicking here.

You can order Nil On Fire from Amazon US or Amazon UK and enjoy it for yourself! 

For more information about Lynne Matson and her work, visit her website

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