Bookworm of the Month – June 2016

The Bookworm of the Month is a book read and reviewed on Vicarious Bookworm during the designated month; in this case, June 2016. For now, I will select a book from those I’ve reviewed this month.

The Bookworm of the Month Award for June 2016 goes to Warmstone by Chris Speck!

Warmstone is about a father and son who take an epic journey together. Along the way, they constantly battle iron giants, other tribes, wild animals, hunger, and an arctic terrain. I chose this book because, even after having read several books, the story and what I believe it stands for still sticks with me. The idea behind the story is unique but Speck presented the material in a way that makes it feel familiar and easy to believe.

For my review of Warmstone, click here.

You can order Warmstone and enjoy it for yourself by clicking here (for US) or here (for UK).

For more information about author Chris Speck and his work, visit his blog.

Would you like to help pick the Bookworm of the Month for July? Click Follow and you’ll gain access to voting, which will begin next month!


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