Review: Nil Unlocked by Lynne Matson

Nil Unlocked is the second book in the Nil Series and picks up right where the first book, Nil, left off. While it may be possible for a reader to enjoy this book as a solo, there were details in this book that could be much better understood and enjoyed if the series is read in sequence. Nil Unleashed takes place on the mysterious island of Nil. The only way on or off the island is through gates, mysterious portals that look like shimmering air and feel like hellfire.

This book has two point-of-view characters. We begin with Rives, who is on day 241 on Nil. As the son of traveling photojournalists, he always tries to see what others might not notice. With Thad being off the island, leadership has fallen on his shoulders. Along with his Seconds, Dex and Sy, he tries his hardest to make sure everyone is able to catch an outbound gate before they get to 365. What happens on day 365 if you’re still on Nil? Your heart stops beating.

Skye is a special case. Her uncle was on Nil when he was sixteen years old. When he spoke of the island after returning, his family sent him to psychotherapy where he was asked to write a journal of the events he survived during his ten month disappearance. The only person to believe him was his brother, Skye’s father, who spent his life searching for the island and insisting that Skye be as mentally and physically prepared as possible in case she is taken by the island as well.

The story is similar enough to the first book of the series for a link while leaving room for the many creative differences. The first book in this series, Nil, was unique and multidimensional to the extent of being unputdownable. Nil Unlocked did not fall into the all too common second book slump. Matson has yet again delivered an amazing story that I defy any Young Adult enjoyer to dislike. Overall, I rate Nil Unlocked 4 out of 5 bookworms.

Don’t just take my word for it. Order Nil Unlocked by clicking here and enjoy it for yourself!

For more information about Lynne Matson and her work, visit her blog.

I’m excited to read the recently released finale to the Nil Series! You can order Nil On Fire by clicking here and read it along with me.

Why do you believe the tiger reacted the way he did when Skye first arrived on Nil? Let me know in the comments!


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